Writing Samples

A showcase of the projects I have helped create and managed.

My first project of the new year was to provide a Destin, Florida lifestyle brand called JYPSEA SOUL with marketing tactics to increase their sales and brand awareness. 

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The co-owner of JYPSEA SOUL, Alex Pedro wanted a marketing plan that would be expansive enough to pull ideas from for years to come. As a start up he desires to have many ideas at the ready to help his business grow into the largest brand in the Emerald Coast. Using information gathered from Mr. Pedro and secondary research, I was able to put together a solid marketing template for the company to grow into over the next few years.

If you are a hiring manager that would like to see a copy of the plan, please email me for a PDF file.

The biggest challenge I faced being in charge of DU AD-Vantage's social media was that I was the first one to be in charge of DU AD-Vantage's social media. We created a brand new Facebook Page to go along with our new brand as an all-in-one on campus agency; by the students for the students. I experimented with posting times and focused on event promotion and feedback in the few months I helped define what it meant to follow DU AD-Vantage.

"Shorter trips, longer memories," the solution my team devised when Collette Travel Agency was seeking ways to reach more members of Generation X. We launched a travel survey and noticed a recurring theme in results where Generation X desired to take shorter trips that easily fit into their schedules and allowed for quality time to be spent with their families at special events.

Our campaign capitalized on this simple want by creating a direct mail and email marketing campaign that focused on taking shorter trips.

As the team leader of this project, I reviewed and edited all materials to ensure each document was consistent in voice and delivered the same message.

A social media strategy class I took over the winter had a project where we needed to conduct a social media audit of a real company and formulate a social media campaign for them.

I proposed an audit of ProSky to my group because it seemed like a wonderful way to close out my branding internship with the company. As a group we concluded it would be easier to set up meetings with a company one of us worked at rather than cold calling local business; as there was an interview portion to the project as well.

I coordinated meetings across different time zones and oversaw the development of our final presentation. In my eyes, none of this seemed to be extra by any means because not only was our goal to receive a good grade, we also wanted to ensure we produced a quality presentation for a rapidly growing Silicon Valley startup.

When I was interning with ProSky, we were given a project to formulate a brand partnership with our college. Our main guideline was to cater to our campus culture to spread ProSky's message effectively. I knew in order to do this I would need to target Drake University's College of Business and Public Administration (CBPA).

The CBPA is highly determined to expose its students to many career development opportunities. This includes a professional development seminar each of its students take all four years. ProSky is an online hiring platform that allows for companies and job seekers to find each other and interact on a level we are not accustomed to. A revolutionary technology like ProSky seemed like a perfect fit for the CBPA students because they are all about growth, embracing change, and seizing opportunities.

I presented the idea of a partnership with ProSky to the Assistant Dean who teaches the seminars and he was on board with introducing ProSky to the first years and sophomores who take his course. This would mean adding nearly 500 new users to the platform!

What do you do when you are presented with the opportunity to help a new board game with their brand marketing from the ground up?

My group and I concluded the best way to go about accomplishing the goals of our client,  was an all-in social media campaign that included using nontraditional platforms such as Reddit and the untamed landscape that is Snapchat in addition to the familiar sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Discovering the use of Reddit, designing the logo (right), and constructing taglines were my main responsibilities of this project.

If you ever visit Drake University, you'll notice that each College of the University wants us to be strategic thinkers about every project we tackle. As an exit assignment as a Social Media Strategist at Urban Plains, a Midwest centric online publication, I was to conduct an analysis of its Facebook Page and leave recommendations for the next team of strategists.

When you did not land an internship for the summer what is there to do besides be a self starter and reach out to a company and ask to help their marketing growth? This is a marketing plan I wrote for a start up apparel shop in Connecticut.

The owner has seen amazing results over the past year since I introduced the plan to her, she has implemented a full website, promotions, has become a licensed vendor, and even underwent a name change to better reflect her merchandise/branding! You can now find her on social media as Little Miss Crafty Pants.

The first integrated marketing plan I coordinated was for a local bagel shop in Ames, Iowa. It was really fun to oversee the development of objectives for such a niche restaurant and guiding my team in the right direction.

Every year members of the Drake University chapter of the American Marketing Association are offered the chance to design a marketing plan for Coca-Cola. The year I participated, the featured product was Diet Coke. Spearheading the coupon research team was a wonderful introductary position to the idea of account management.