New Blog Posts to Come From Digital Marketing Internship

As an intern at Spot Digital Marketing, I get to write blog pieces for all kinds of clients from digital marketing agencies to real estate developers to online poncho retailers. However, in my opinion, the real perk of working for a company based in Portland is that I get to write for clients operating in the cannabis industry. Not that I'm "obsessed with weed" or anything, to be honest, some might call me a poser since I have never touched the stuff in any form even though I am over the age of 21 (legal age to purchase cannabis products in the United States) and have lived in areas where cannabis has been legalized for medicinal and recreational use.

So if I am not down with the culture, so to speak, why would I bother? Well, I just find the whole thing super interesting because even though cannabis is a drug with a stigma, it is still being sold like over the counter vitamins. There are regulating bodies such as the Oregon Liquor & Licensing Commission to ensure the cannabis on the market is safe for consumption and you can only buy so much of it at a time. Cannabis comes with taxes, compliance policies, and additional purity testing; it's wild. So, in honor of my new found admiration for the of the cannabis industry, here is a link to my first cannabis-based article about the current Presidental stance on the legalization of cannabis. You can read more of my work articles at Nug Digital Marketing for cannabis-focused content or Spot Digital Marketing for all other content I create as an intern.