Can You Hear Me Now? A reflection of Christmas break.

This Christmas season, like many before it, I found myself spending time at my grandmother's house out in the middle of the country in a small town in South Carolina. As I traded stuffed animals for Barbies dolls, Barbies dolls for Bratz dolls and Bratz dolls for a Gameboy Advance, my grandma's house has seen it all. What didn't it see? Me making one last trade, all of that for wifi. Sweet, glorious, life-giving wifi. 

 Throughout the years, I have felt myself drifting apart from the charming little blue house in the country. At first, I thought I was just going crazy, that the charm of being at my grandmas house was still there and I just had to find it. Wrong, what I needed to find was a signal. If I was still in high school I wouldn't have minded not having internet that much, I didn't really have anything to do. Now that I'm a junior in college and trying to find internships and scholarships to apply to it's very frustrating not being able to connect to the world so easily. I finally have a data plan for my phone and thought that would ease my wifi withdrawal but it just made my life more difficult and frustrated me. Aside from being slower than a good wifi connection having a data plan isn't very useful if you can't do something as simple as attach a word document to an email or upload files from your mobile device on the job search website you use. Needless to say, the millennial in me wanted to punch a hole in the wall and leave. However, the sensible adult in me realized that I could just go to the library and work or my uncle's house and use his wifi.

Three job applications later, here I am breathing in that sweet, sweet wifi influenced air. It feels good, one might even say right. But I can't help but think about the before times when the internet wasn't really a thing and I didn't have to worry about connecting with the world or finding work. Just what the next episode of Jasmine Presents: Bratz had in store, were the Sasha twins going to be okay with finding out they had another sister, making them triplets? Did Dylan love Sasha or was Chole going to steal him away? Who was going to watch the baby?  Yes, yes it was a simpler time and a swell time. 

The point of this blog post was to complain about not having wifi or real internet access, but you know what, it's been evolving as I write it and I don't quite feel the same way. Maybe tomorrow I'll work on the horses with my dad and breath in that less satisfying country air.