Goodbye, Hello.

There comes a time in life where you have to say goodbye. Monday, I said goodbye to my first internship in downtown Des Moines. If it wasn't for finals I would be able to spend one more day with the mistress that was my internship, but alas my schedule did not work out to where that scenario would be possible. Though I got to say goodbye to my co-workers, I did not get a good chance to say goodbye to the job itself. So, goodbye Internship you taught me well. You reminded me of the importance of communication. You proved yourself to be a challenging yet tamable beast and I will miss you. Through you I grew and for that, I say thank you. Leaving you was hard but now I get to see what other amazing opportunities the great big world has to offer me.

I will always remember you and reflect upon you when trying to get my wits about me while under pressure. I will reminisce about you in times of boredom and contentment. Once again thank you Internship for being an enjoyable experience and for introducing me to great people.