I'm Jasmine Barr, and just so you know, I am pretty awesome & I love to create.

I have an "if it can be done I want to do it" attitude that I credit to years of watching Kim Possible say "I'm Kim Possible, I can do anything." This mantra has lead me to utilize the #gofarwithbarr and variations of terms like "raise the barr" or "raisin the barr" within my personal branding.

Simply put, I'm just an avid TV enthusiast who tackles interesting topics on a puny blog that cracks A LOT of jokes.

Currently, I am seeking full time employment as a digital marketing specialist, social media coordinator, content creator, or marketing assistant. I have experience with photography, graphic design, and working on campaigns for companies in various industries. Overall, my specialties lie in Integrated Marketing Communications and Direct & Interactive Marketing.

If you are interested in discussing anything with me further, please do not hesitate to click on "Contact" link located above.

Thanks and keep Raisin the Barr!


I have managed many projects, the button above will take you to the final presentations of a select few. You can also find links to the social media platforms I have helped run.


Cleverly titled blog with original musings about everything from Disney Princesses to Steven Universe to VR tech.


Here you will find design work created for various organizations included a Neighborhood Relations Committee and a service fraternity.